About GLO

We inherit the brand GLO form glow word to express great praise for your online services.

What we do ?

We built incredible custom and branded short links.

In the digital era we have started the service to serves the purpose of online businesses those are making links to commuincate with their users, customers and vistiors.

Our vision

Our vision is to build the most efficient platform for creating short links and provide the do the data mining to provide detailed report about the links. So that this report will work as catalyst in growing online business. GLO helps businesss to think in order to give some amazing possibilities to improves their services by data analytics.

Our Misson

As we are growing service provider for creating cusom and branded short links. So, our mission to join hands with other online business to GLO(W) together :)

To spread the value of short links that how short, custom and branded links can boost online businesses.